Monday, March 7, 2016

Expectations for getting a certificate: (these are a repeat of what was sent in the email today - I just wanted it on the blog as well for ease of referring back to it.) 
Welcome to the  When Play Isn’t Easy book group. A few things to point out about this blog. Across the top of the blog you will see tabs. We will be adding resources we find or are suggested by participants in the Resources tab. You can find who is involved in this book group in the Class Roster tab. Cindy has a Play board on Pinterest  which you can find in its tab and finally IF you are taking this for credit a copy of Cindy’s email going over the expectations is in the Graduate Credit Information tab where you can also find a link to the forms you need to fill out. (IF you did not show an interest initially but are still interested in credit please take a look at that tab on the blog to know what to do.)  We will be adding an evaluation tab towards the end of the book group. Along the right side of this blog you will see the tips for using the blog including how to comment, a link to a Live Binder on Play which has umpteen quality resources and Cindy and my contact information. Finally on the bottom of the blog is where IF you would like to get weekly emails of the posts Cindy and I make you can sign up.
Since you committed yourself to this book group and we need to be accountable for providing this as professional learning there are a few expectations (for those of you not taking it for credit.) This book has many guiding questions within each chapter which you can comment on. Cindy and I might make suggestions each week of additional possible reflections in weekly posts. Feel free to deviate from the reflective questions (this is your book feel free to write in it)  to share your “ah has,” “I wonders…” and/ or questions. These are the expectations in order to receive a certificate at the end of the 8 weeks (remember these are the expectations for those who are not taking it for credit):
  • Comment at least two times over the course of the 8 weeks (if you want to contribute more please do)This can be a comment to a reflective question in the book or comment on another participants thoughts.
  • Provide one resource that you use or found over these 8 weeks. The Live Binder is full of resources if you would just like to research one of them and comment on its usefulness. It could be a resource to use with parents to promote play, a children’s book that reinforces something from the book….
  • Be prepared at the end of the eight weeks to describe how the information/conversations have impacted a change in your professional practice AND what you see happening differently with students (including some specific examples.)
You will receive a certificate at the end of the 8 weeks once the above information is received. (15 hours of learning will be noted on the certificate)

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