Graduate Credit Info

it is exciting to see that so many early educators are interested in learning more about the importance of play, as well as how to support young children in playful interactions.

We hope this  book study provides an opportunity for you to grow in your understanding of play as well as in your ability to define, defend and promote play as the primary way in which children learn!  

You are receiving this email because you said that you would like to take When Play Isn't Easy book study for one graduate credit.

Here are some important details:

  • ​The book study begins March 7,2016, 2016 and ends on May 2, 2016
  • Final assignments are due March 14, 2016, sent to Cindy Prendergast and Beth Tepper via email: ;
  • The assignments for the course are as follows:
  • 1.       Read required chapter each week, along with additional assigned reading.  Complete reflections in each chapter.  Post 1-2 paragraphs weekly, and respond to at least 2 participants’ reflections weekly. (2.5 hours per week; 20 hours)
  • 2.      Complete the play self-assessment checklist.  (1 hour)
  • 3.      Use the play checklist  to observe a child, at least 2 times (10-15 minutes at a time).  Complete the planning form following observation.  Implement play activity.  Complete reflection on planning form. (8.5 hours)
    4.      Complete a final project.  Choose one activity: (13 hours)  (If you have a different idea for a project that works in your setting, please let me know.  I am flexible!!!) FINAL PROJECT DUE May 16, 2016

    a.       Develop an elevator speech using information from the book as well as additional research to explain how and what children learn from play.  The speech should be at least 1 page, and resources must be cited and provided.

    b.       Create a newsletter, flyer, bulletin board, or center signs that explain how children use play as a vehicle to meet early learning standards.  Support the information you provide with research, including a resource page.

    c.        Develop a play activity that supports early literacy.  Indicate which standard will be addressed, materials needed, teacher support, etc.  Include a resource page.
​If you are interested in receiving one graduate credit, please complete the registration form that is attached and return to Kim Sidlowski (N25W23131 Paul Road Pewaukee, WI  53072) along with 2 separate checks:  $40 to CESA 1 and $110 to Viterbo. Please send registration and checks the week of the first class,March 7th..

​The following information will help you with completion of your registration form:
Course:  EDUC 510-112
Title:  When Play Isn't Easy:  Helping Children Enter and Sustain Play
Dates:  March 7, 2016- May 2, 2016
Location:  CESA 1

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Beth and I are looking forward to working through this great book with you!
Cindy Prendergast/Beth Tepper​