Monday, April 11, 2016

     Welcome to Week 6!!  We appreciate all of the time and thought each of you has spent completing the play checklist over the past two weeks.  This book study has given us the opportunity to slow down and really observe a child in our care, as well as to reflect on our own understanding about play and our reactions to children when they don’t know how to play. 
     Have you noticed that family tips are included in each area of the play checklist?  Are any of you currently using some of these tips, or planning to use them, with families?  Another great resource for families is    This site contains tips, resources, blogs and articles about learning and development, as well as many other great topics.  One article that describes what meaningful play is for families can be found at

     This week, we will be focusing on Chapter 6:  Planning Your Focus and Strategies.  Now that you have completed the play list, the chapter will guide you to set goals and plan activities for your focus child.  A goal setting form is available on p. 68 to guide you through the goal-setting process.  There are many suggested strategies to support children during play in any given play checklist section, or you may decide to use another strategy.  Sometimes talking with a colleague or a team about your observations and thoughts can be helpful.  
     Enjoy, and have a great week.


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